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Great tasting bbq grill burgers If your grilled burgers seem to taste a little dull this series of articles may give you some ideas you can use to help you create those delicious gourmet grilled burgers that you want. In the previous post we covered selecting the right type of ground beef for your barbeque hamburgers.

 Now that you have chosen the type of ground beef (probably good old ground chuck) with the right amount of fattiness (around 20%) you need to decide on the quality of the meat you want. You can get the type of meat with the fat level that you want in various grades of quality that are defined by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The following is a little blurb from the USDA website:

 “USDA quality standards are based on measurable attributes that describe the value and utility of the product. For example, Beef quality standards are based on attributes such as marbling (the amount of fat interspersed with lean meat), color, firmness, texture, and age of the animal, for each grade.”

You can dig around in the USDA website for more information on this subject.

 Prime is the highest grade but is rarely seen in your local supermarket or meat market. Very little beef is graded as ‘prime’ and most of it is bought up by high end, expensive restaurants. That’s ok though because you really don’t need ‘prime’ grade for a great BBQ burger.

 Choice is the next highest grade and you can usually find it at the store. It costs a little bit more but whether you are buying hamburger or steaks you will notice more flavor when cooked though that is more noticeable in steaks than hamburger.

 Select grade is easily available and is the great choice for grilled burgers. It is more affordable and with good barbecuing techniques you will get a great tasting burger.
Standard is the lowest grade for most meats that you will find at your grocery store. Although standard grade is just right for many purposes for the better burger you want to get ‘select’ grade or you can splurge and get ‘choice’ grade. The other USDA grades of beef (commercial, utility, cutter, and canner) don’t come into play here.

 To sum it up: You want to pick a good grade of meat, select or even choice. Ground chuck is a very good pick for type of ground beef. And you want to pick an amount of fatness that will make the burgers juicy and flavorful, about 20%.

 Our next article will include some shopping and BBQ grilling tips for that better than average burger. We hope this information is helpful to you and, as always, you can check us out at for bbq grills and other outdoor cooking equipment and accessories. If you have any questions go to the site and send us an email.

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