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  1. Memorial Day rememberance  On Memorial Day, please take a moment to remember and thank all of the brave men and women who have served in our armed forces to protect our freedom and beliefs.

     The end of May is almost here, that means it's time to get ready for the summer season of grilling and outdoor cooking. If you are thinking about a new barbeque grill or getting an outdoor cooker or fire pit, now is the time to visit BBQandFirePitPros.

  2.  Spring is here, summer is coming, and it is time to have friends over to enjoy the day in your backyard. If you are looking for something new and interesting to serve at your party, this is for you. Try this recipe for Spicy BBQ Grilled Shrimp, it takes very little time to prepare, and will leave your guests wanting more.


  3. Fire Sense Copper Rail Fire Pit  Why retreat indoors on these cool spring evenings when you can stay warm on your deck or patio with one of our many styles of beautiful and affordable Outdoor Fire Pits and fireplaces? Stay cozy and warm in the crisp air of winter and spring, and enjoy BBQ grilled meals all year round.

  4. The Brinkmann 40 inch Pit Master You don't need to have both a barbecue grill for outdoor cooking and separate bbq smoker to cook your favorite smoked foods. If you like to cook meals on the grill and would like to create your own smoked meats and other foods at home then you should get a combination BBQ grill and smoker pit.

  5.  Announcing a new line of products at BBQandFirePitPros - Camp stoves and grillsCamp Stoves and Grills. We have started this category with a few really good little camp stoves and grills, and of course, we will be adding more as we find units that meet our standards for quality and durability.

  6. UniFlame slate and marble mantel outdoor fire pit  Many outdoor fire pits do not have a rim, or mantel, to rest your feet close to the fire or set down your drink when tending the fire. In addition, when you are cooking on your fire pit grill, you do not have a place to set your grilling utensils and condiments.

  7. UniFlame outdoor gas fire pit with slate and marble mantel  Outdoor fire pits are great if you are looking for that feel of a campfire but you want it in the comfort of your own back yard. Now days though, it seems that so many people are just so busy with the family, community activities, and work that they just don't want to loose the time it takes to start a wood burning fire pit.

  8. The Caliente Portable BBQ Grill and Cooler Tote If you are looking for a portable BBQ grill that is quick and easy to use and always ready to go for those last minute, spur of the moment picnics or beach get-togethers. BBQandFirePitPros.

  9. Outdoor firewood storage racks and log hoops  You enjoy a nice warm fire in the outdoor fire pit or in the fireplace in the living room but you are not very fond of all of those trips to the woodpile. If that sounds familiar, then it is time to get a wood rack or log hoop.

  10. The LP Gas Folding Portable Barbecue Grill For you who enjoy barbecued chicken and ribs or grilled burgers and steaks but do not want to get a big, fancy BBQ grill because you might only use it 4 or 5 times a year, now is the time to look at our portable BBQ Grills.

  11. An Outdoor Fire Pit burning in the evening An afternoon or evening relaxing in the backyard is a great way to spend some time with the family and friends, or even alone after the day at work. For many though, enjoying the outdoors is limited to the summer months because on many days in the other seasons it is just a little too cool to enjoy sitting around talking and relaxing outside.

  12. The Brinkmann 40 inch Pit Master The low heat, slow cooking process of smoking foods is a popular way to add variety to your table the next time you are entertaining or at your family get-togethers. Smoking meats keeps the natural protein content of the meat while rendering out a large portion of the fat content during the process, making the smoked meat both good and good for you.

  13. Yakitori Kabobs hot off the grill If you have ever enjoyed yakitori grilled chicken at a restaurant or those chicken kabobs you find at the county fair or from street vendors at he public market and food festivals but just don’t seem to get the same results when you try it at home. The problem is not your cooking skills, it is most likely the equipment you use to do the cooking.

  14. Great tasting bbq grill burgers In the last couple of articles we talked about the choice of ground beef for your burgers. A little boring but important for a great tasting burger. Now it is time to get to the bbq grill.

     The problem that many people have with portable barbecue grills is that it is very hard to get them to maintain a good temperature for what you are barbecuing or grilling and they don’t create that heat evenly over the entire grilling surface.

  15. Great tasting bbq grill burgers If your grilled burgers seem to taste a little dull this series of articles may give you some ideas you can use to help you create those delicious gourmet grilled burgers that you want. In the previous post we covered selecting the right type of ground beef for your barbeque hamburgers.

     Now that you have chosen the type of ground beef (probably good old ground chuck) with the right amount of fattiness (around 20%) you need to decide on the quality of the meat you want.

  16. Great tasting bbq grill burgers Want to serve up great tasting food at your next BBQ get together but your burgers always seem to be rather tasteless or dry. Don’t despair, here are some general guidelines to help make your next barbecue burger a flavorful success.

     To build a good house you have to start with a good foundation, no doubt about that.

  17.   If you are thinking about a backyard fire pit you need to be concerned about safety. Outdoor fire pits are popular as a centerpiece for entertaining in the backyard these days and to keep everything safe you need to consider two things before selecting yours; safe design and safe use.
      Wood fires create sparks, if you are considering a wood burning fire pit make sure it comes with a spark screen. Many popular fire pits have designs cut into their sides; animals, trees, college and professional sports logos, family names, and the like.

  18. Why a stand alone fire pit -
    Built in or in the ground fire pits are big, a little bit expensive, and umm…. permanent. You can’t take them with you to the beach or the next time you are tailgating before the game. Another choice is a portable stand alone fire pit. They are usually less expensive than a built in and there is a wide variety of beautiful styles and designs to choose from. You can take them with you to the park and many fire pits come with a cooking grill included so that you can grill up some steaks or burgers or leave it off to roast weenies or marshmallows.

  19. Many folks who love bbq grilled food just don’t have the space (or the budget) for any of the really cool grills you can find at may local retailers these days. If you live in an apartment or a condo you know what I mean and even many home owners have limited space in their outdoor living area. The solution is to dine out which is not very economical and not always convenient and you only have the choice of what they offer. Another option is the smaller portable bbq grill. That way you can grill up what you want with your own recipes any time you want.

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